Paragon’s blog focuses on the most important issues facing new and old media today.  Through our research and consulting for media and content companies for over two decades, we enjoy a truly unique view of the media landscape.  Our view is highly proprietary and definitely ahead of the curve.  For the first time ever, our blog pulls back the curtain and allows readers to benefit directly from Paragon’s insider perspective of media’s exciting evolution.

Paragon’s blog is our window to this fast-changing world, and it is intended to improve your view of your world.  Our blogs will bring you important developments and changes across a broad media landscape.  In particular, we will use our blogs to mine our greatest areas of expertise.

Paragon’s blogs will focus on these critical issues, as well as all related notions that bubble up along the way.  We will add new proprietary national research to the discussion by including Paragon’s national research findings inside our blogs, and we will also add any other research to the conversation that we find interesting.

A “Comments” page is provided so the reading audience can comment and participate in these critical media conversations and help evolve them to higher ground.

Frontline media researchers and consultants + our behind-the-scenes media view + new national research = Paragon’s blog.  We hope you enjoy reading our blog, and encourage you to participate.