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Radio Research and Polls

Featured in: FMQB Programming To Win Date: March 3, 2017 As a researcher, this past election was fascinating and sobering. We at Paragon have seen first-hand how reaching a random sample has become more and more difficult. A random sample is where everyone has the same chance of being sampled as everyone else.With the proliferation of cell phones and the deluge of telemarketing, the old tried-and-true method of randomly calling telephone numbers became problematic…not to mention expensive. According Larry Gerston, professor emeritus of political science at San Jose State, “It used to be that 1 out of 3 people would answer. Then 1 out of 10,” he said. “Now it’s fewer than that.” New models of reaching households with no listed phone and/or cell phones need to be refined and perfected. My academic background was in political, public opinion research. The beauty (or horror) of public opinion research is that there is a day of reckoning: the election. The infamous “Dewey beats Truman” headline in 1948 had a modern day resurrection this year with the election of Trump. It’s been fascinating to hear the pollsters explain why they called the election wrong. […]

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HD Radio Thrashes Around

A firm called DTS has bought consolidated licensing and companies owning intellectual property rights to HD radio thus competing with iBiquity in this arena  (Tom Taylor 9/3/15).  Although they appear to have creative distribution ideas, I wonder if they’ve bought a creature that’s thrashing around in its last death throes. […]

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Paragon Supports Third Party Review of Voltair

Research Director Inc. claims to have identified Voltair users and tracked their Portable People Meter (PPM) ratings increases. (See story here). According to Research Director Inc., Voltair—in their limited sample—significantly increased PPM ratings. This observation directly contradicts Nielsen’s assertions that Voltair has little if any impact on ratings. What should be done? […]

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Nielsen Flunks “Let’s Make a Deal”

Nielsen’s webinar on July 21st addressing the Voltair issue was very well done. The lab experiments Nielsen presented establish the ground rules for validly measuring a radio station’s encoded signals in the Portable People Meter (PPM) system. Yet, in the end, Nielsen is playing “Let’s Make a Deal” with radio receiving booby prizes behind all three doors. […]

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