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SXSW Panel – “Alternative Radio: Balancing the Art of Music Discovery vs. Playing the Hits”

SXSW is always a big circus, and this year was no different. But, there is also important business to be covered in the actual convention part of SXSW. Last Friday, I moderated a panel focused on the Alternative radio format. The panel, “Alternative Radio: Balancing the Art of Music Discovery vs. Playing the Hits,” focused on music discovery at two levels. First, how do Alternative program directors discover new music in non-traditional terms? Second, how do Alternative PDs provide listeners with their own music discovery when listening to their stations? […]

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Canada’s Gary Miles, A Real Man

Former Rogers Media CEO Gary Miles passed away last Tuesday in Toronto with his loving family by his side, but his life and his legend will live on. If you want to read about Gary’s legendary radio career in Canada, then click here. Instead, I’m here to tell you about his life and why he matters so much to me. […]

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Protest Songs Are Back…Bigly!

Many people long for the days when protest songs were used to speak out against controversial government actions. I’ve even read blogs about “Where are the protest songs?” Wait no more, because protest songs are back…and bigly! The latest mainstream entrant is from Depeche Mode and their new song, “Where’s the Revolution.” Like any good protest song, the lyrics are blunt: “You’ve been pissed on For too long Your rights abused Your views refused They manipulate and threaten With terror as a weapon Scare you till you’re stupefied Wear you down until you’re on their side” […]

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“Millennials” 10 Years Later: Radio Still Doesn’t Care

In 2006, the National Association of Broadcasters commissioned Paragon to study the newest generation of radio listeners, dubbed Millennials. “Millennials” was a quaint term at the time, along with other terms in the study from 10 years ago, including “mp3 players,” “iPods” and “MySpace.” The download generation was still a toddler. Only one third of our Millennials downloaded video, and only one half had downloaded music onto personal devices. But, as much as the devices and terms have changed since 2006, Millennial’s radio desires remain unchanged. Also unchanged is radio’s shocking lack of response to the wants and needs of younger listeners. […]

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