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    Music Video Platform VuHaus Seeks Continued Growth With New Grant

Music Video Platform VuHaus Seeks Continued Growth With New Grant

Original Story Posted on Current
January 28, 2016
By Tyler Falk

“VuHaus, a platform showcasing music videos made by public radio stations, has received a second-year grant from CPB for $430,000 to extend through August.

The service has seen growth in station affiliate members and audience since launching last May, Erik Langner, president of VuHaus, told Current.

VuHaus received an initial $750,000 grant from CPB to support buildout of the platform, which aggregates music videos and streams live performances produced by the affiliated public radio stations. It has so far featured about 2,000 videos from roughly 900 artists and has fed 110 live webcasts, according to Langner. (more…)

VuHaus receives renewed CPB grant, plans market expansion

Story posted on RainNews 
January 14, 2106
By Brad Hill

“VuHaus aggregates music videos from nine member stations of the platform, and curates that content to make a distinctive and increasingly popular music discovery destination. Mike Henry, Brand Manager of VuHaus who had the original idea for it, told RAIN News that the platform currently contains over 2,000 videos of nearly 1,000 artists, and has a weekly audience of three-million viewers.

Mike Henry is also the Owner and CEO of Paragon Media Strategies, and said that the original idea for VuHaus grew from a desire to serve his radio clients. “I had the idea of a consumer-facing portal that would aggregate the content of many of my clients, as a way of catching people online who are searching for artists they like. That led to the CPB grant — it was the first time they had funded a music collaboration. My job as brand manager is to make sure that the brand and the audience connect.” (more…)

Mike Henry on Radio’s Future for 2016

Original article on FMQB (eQB) December 18, 2015

By Fred Deane

Mike Henry was recently interviewed by FMQB on “Radio’s Future Path for 2016 and Beyond”.

“What are radio’s biggest assets in keeping the medium at the forefront of listeners’ entertainment and info options and how are they best optimized?” – Fred Deane
Radio’s price (free!) and multiple points of distribution are its biggest assets. Heading into 2016, radio has already defied many predictions of its demise. This doesn’t promise a rosy future, but it does reinforce that radio is still “the cockroach of all media” that can’t easily be killed. (more…)

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    “DISCOVERING MUSIC: WNKU targets more listeners with new format”

“DISCOVERING MUSIC: WNKU targets more listeners with new format”

Evolving a public radio music station is never easy, but often very rewarding for stations that choose to do so.  In the past few years, I’ve been fortunate to help guide WFUV/New York, KUTX/Austin, KXT/Dallas, The Bridge in Kansas City and other public radio stations into a “Music Discovery” format and market position.  These stations have chosen to play more new music, focus more heavily on the local music and the local scene, and local air talent who serve as guides for an enjoyable music discovery experience.  These stations are curators for a unique local music discovery experience that make them special and define their very existence.

The latest pubic station to take the plunge is WNKU-FM in Cincinnati.  With one of the biggest coverage signals around, a new general manager (Sean O’Mealy), PD (John McGue) and APD/MD (Liz Felix), and a supportive license-holder in the University of Northern Kentucky, WNKU started making music format changes at the beginning of 2015.  The new music format officially kicked in around September, and WNKU was just rewarded with their biggest fund drive EVER with a large number of new members.  Here is a new article that shares their experiences: (more…)

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