The New Radio Model: 5 Years Later

Five years ago the proverbial shit had hit the fan. In 2009, everyone was just coming to grips with the great recession of 2008 and the collapse of major industries. The radio industry’s economic slide had started years earlier. Radio conventions were somber gatherings of nervous owners and managers trying to see into a dark future.

It was under these circumstances that I penned the “New Radio Model.” The New Radio Model was a view into a better radio future that combined hyper-local content with multi-platform distribution. The idea was to promote a new and better business model for radio, one that wasn’t solely dependent on spot buys and the whims of media buyers. I postulated that radio’s economic future would hinge on radio’s ability to monetize live events and create new digital revenue streams. Essentially, radio needed to graduate from being mass media to a promotions machine. This is pulled directly from the 2009 New Radio Model:

“The New Model leverages what radio does best: Create crowds through local promotions and live events, fueling many of the multiplatform revenue streams. The radio properties are the central mechanism in creating local multiplatform media marketing outlets.” (more…)

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Mike Henry Does NON-COMMvention

See Mike Henry  at NON-COMMvention Thursday, May 15
9:30 – 10:25 a.m. – Meeting (Upstairs) Mirror Mirror on the Wall: Triple A PD Opinions Unveiled

The Public Radio Program Directors Association recently sponsored an online survey of more than 75 pubradio Triple A PDs to find out what they’re thinking about their station, competitive situation and the future of the format.

If you’re curious about how Triple A PDs define their target audience, how they feel about local and national content, how they define their local mission, how they use new digital platforms, and their interest in moving forward as a peer group to help each other, then this panel will provide the answers. This is the first time these questions have been asked of this group of Triple A PDs, making this the first look into the mirror of non-comm Triple A stations nationally. Paragon’s Mike Henry conducted the survey for PRPD and will present the results hot off the presses.



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Radio: Cockroach of All Media

I wish I had thought of that line, but I didn’t.  My friend and radio financial analyst Bishop Cheen did, and boy was he right.  Bishop would recite the history of broadcasting and how radio survived albums, TV, color TV, cassettes, videos, CDs, etc.  Radio survived them all, and now is seemingly doing very well amidst the latest competition from digital media services.  By recent accounts, radio is still a primary media source for most Americans. (more…)

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    88Nine RadioMilwaukee (WYMS-FM) Names Radio Veteran Sean Demery as PD

88Nine RadioMilwaukee (WYMS-FM) Names Radio Veteran Sean Demery as PD

Original Author:  Jeff Bentoff

Released February 27, 2014

88Nine RadioMilwaukee (WYMS-FM) Names Radio Veteran Sean Demery as PD

Demery an award-winning broadcaster with experience in multiple music formats

Milwaukee (Feb. 27, 2014) – Veteran radio programmer Sean Demery has been named Program Director of non-commercial 88Nine RadioMilwaukee (WYMS-FM 88.9,, the station announced Thursday. Demery begins on March 3. (more…)

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