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    Public Radios’ Music Video Platform Secures Panel at SXSW 2015

Public Radios’ Music Video Platform Secures Panel at SXSW 2015

MTV for 2015: A New Music Video Channel by Public Radio

Boulder, CO — An historic partnership between leading public radio Music Discovery stations is launching at SXSW in March of 2015. The partnership code-named “Music X” until a brand name is announced, will be the focus of a panel at SXSW to unveil and discuss the new video streaming service.

Music X is a new consumer-facing music video channel that expands exposure of local, emerging and national acts. The new video streaming platform, led by founding stations KCRW/LA, WXPN/Philly, WFUV/NYC, KTBG/KC and KUTX/Austin along with other non-commercial music stations to be announced soon, will feature unique live performance videos shot at the stations and on location.

SXSW has announced a star-studded Music X panel including recording artist Michael Franti, artist manager Matt Pollack of Monotone Management, WFUV-FM New York program director Rita Houston, and Paragon CEO and Music X Senior Creative Director Mike Henry, who is moderating. The panelists will discuss what the next generation of networked video distribution means for the future of live performance music videos, to fans and the entire public radio system. The panel date and time will be released by SXSW.

“There is no better venue in the world to unveil a new highly curated music video platform than SXSW in our hometown,” said Stewart Vanderwilt, director and general manager of KUTX 98.9 in Austin. “Music X will give us the platform to showcase handpicked local artists to a much larger audience at the national level.”

“Music X will bring public radio music videos into the phones, tablets, computers, cars, TVs and living rooms of fans worldwide, and by extension will introduce public radio music stations to new listeners,” said Henry. (more…)

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Canvas Measurement: Nielsen’s Next Challenge

Recently I blogged about the possibility of Nielsen using their People Meter (PPM) technology to measure both television and radio, thus providing a much-needed increase to the PPM radio sample size. But, what about capturing who listens to radio programs on all platforms? Nielsen’s public proclamations say that’s their goal. (more…)

Ratings Go Back To the 1990s

Nielsen is in the process of making a change in the way they conduct TV ratings that has ramifications for radio. Ironically, this step takes us back to the early 1990s when Nielsen and Arbitron were poised to do a joint venture on the Portable People Meter (PPM). (more…)

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    “The Current” and WFUV Lead PubRadio Music Discovery Ratings Surge

“The Current” and WFUV Lead PubRadio Music Discovery Ratings Surge

In new Nielsen ratings data compiled by Paragon and released at the Public Radio Program Directors Conference last week in Portland, stations in the emergent “Music Discovery” format on non-commercial radio passed two million listeners and show remarkable growth in just the past eight months. KCMP “The Current” in Minneapolis has the highest share ever recorded in the format with a 4.3 share (6+ listeners). WFUV in New York has the largest total audience listenership ever recorded in the format with over 415,000 weekly listeners. Total listening among rated pubradio Triple A and Indie Rock stations now exceeds 2.2 million listeners. Download the full report here. (more…)