Shaking Things Up Part II: Millennials Aren’t Happy

Original story posted in The Sands Report Date: January 19, 2017 Written by: Richard Sands “We got things off to a rocking start last week with ten suggestions for things you can do to shake things up at your station in 2017. This week, Mike Henry, the owner and CEO of Paragon Media Strategies, checks in with some more sparks to help light a fire under the format. If you’re not familiar with Mike, he began his career in 1979 in the heat of the college radio era in Athens, Geor­gia, and continued on that path to help create the Alt and Triple A formats in the ‘80s and ‘90s. Today’s topic? Millennials! […]

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Mike Henry Invites You To “Light One Up & Explore”

Original story posted on SPARK! Date: December 20, 2016 Written by: Ken Mills What is on your entertainment menu for tonight? If you are in the Denver area your choices would include going to Vinyl Night at the Denver Kush Club where they are passing out free “joint cards.” Such is life in Colorado where recreational use of marijuana is legal. Several other states now have legal recreational pot, but no state has gone as mainstream than Colorado. One of the leading entrepreneurs is Mike Henry, best known as the “music discovery” strategist and consultant for commercial and noncommercial Triple A music stations nationwide. Henry and business partner Dino Ianni, a fellow radio guy, opened WeedStream in 2014. They call WeedStream “the world’s first entertainment and multi-platform company targeting the legalized cannabis community.” In addition to being a for-profit business, WeedStream is a tireless advocate of legalized medicinal and recreational marijuana as a positive influence on society. […]

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“Millennials” 10 Years Later: Radio Still Doesn’t Care

In 2006, the National Association of Broadcasters commissioned Paragon to study the newest generation of radio listeners, dubbed Millennials. “Millennials” was a quaint term at the time, along with other terms in the study from 10 years ago, including “mp3 players,” “iPods” and “MySpace.” The download generation was still a toddler. Only one third of our Millennials downloaded video, and only one half had downloaded music onto personal devices. But, as much as the devices and terms have changed since 2006, Millennial’s radio desires remain unchanged. Also unchanged is radio’s shocking lack of response to the wants and needs of younger listeners. […]

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With VuHaus, public music stations hope collaboration will bring in more listeners (and money) online

Original Story Posted on: NiemanLab Date: December 2, 2016 Written by: Ricardo Bilton “NPR’s capacity is really in news and the spoken word, and it’s very active on the cultural side, but not organized around music. There was a sense we either needed to work with each other or have a hard time competing at all.” In the digital era, public radio’s music stations need to stop seeing each other as rivals, and start thinking of each other as potential partners. That’s Roger Lamay’s view, and one he wants other music stations to share. During a talk at a public radio conference in 2013, Lamay, managing director at Philadelphia’s WXPN (and chair of NPR’s board of directors), challenged his fellow station managers to put together lists of their ten biggest competitors. Lamay hoped that the stations would realize what he already had: rarely, if ever, did music discovery stations compete directly with their counterparts elsewhere. […]

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