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    “The Current” and WFUV Lead PubRadio Music Discovery Ratings Surge

“The Current” and WFUV Lead PubRadio Music Discovery Ratings Surge

In new Nielsen ratings data compiled by Paragon and released at the Public Radio Program Directors Conference last week in Portland, stations in the emergent “Music Discovery” format on non-commercial radio passed two million listeners and show remarkable growth in just the past eight months. KCMP “The Current” in Minneapolis has the highest share ever recorded in the format with a 4.3 share (6+ listeners). WFUV in New York has the largest total audience listenership ever recorded in the format with over 415,000 weekly listeners. Total listening among rated pubradio Triple A and Indie Rock stations now exceeds 2.2 million listeners. Download the full report here. (more…)

First Music Discovery National Study Released

Today at the Public Radio Program Directors Conference in Portland, PRPD and Paragon released the results of the first national study on pubradio Music Discovery listeners. The study was commissioned and underwritten by the PRPD to recognize the growing clout of contemporary music stations on public radio.

The exclusive results can be accessed by PRPD member stations at www.prpd.org after the conclusion of the conference, and will be released to the public at a later date.  With continued station cooperation, the hope is that this the first in an annual series of listener studies for the burgeoning pubradio format. (more…)

New QuickHitz Format Incites Wide Reactions

For decades, radio programmers have been editing songs for airplay. Four years ago, Sean Demery and I created the QuickHitz format with a concept of playing all edited songs. Three years ago, SparkNet joined forces and a format package with licensing and a protective patent was formalized. Last year, Bud Walters’ Cromwell Group took the brave step of launching the first QuickHitz station in America on WYDS 93.1 The Party. The Spring Eastlan Ratings show WYDS growing to a 4.1 share (12+) from 1.6 in the Fall of 2013. Last week, Newcap Radio launched Amp 90.3 on CKMP-FM in Calgary, a city of 1.2 million residents. (more…)

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Catholics Perform Last Rites to AM Radio

AM radio is in trouble with the notable exception of the high-powered, heritage AM radio stations. Enter the Catholic Church buying up AM frequencies. Are the Catholics performing the last rites to AM radio? (more…)