SXSW Panel – “Alternative Radio: Balancing the Art of Music Discovery vs. Playing the Hits”

SXSW is always a big circus, and this year was no different. But, there is also important business to be covered in the actual convention part of SXSW. Last Friday, I moderated a panel focused on the Alternative radio format. The panel, “Alternative Radio: Balancing the Art of Music Discovery vs. Playing the Hits,” focused on music discovery at two levels. First, how do Alternative program directors discover new music in non-traditional terms? Second, how do Alternative PDs provide listeners with their own music discovery when listening to their stations? […]

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Canada’s Gary Miles, A Real Man

Former Rogers Media CEO Gary Miles passed away last Tuesday in Toronto with his loving family by his side, but his life and his legend will live on. If you want to read about Gary’s legendary radio career in Canada, then click here. Instead, I’m here to tell you about his life and why he matters so much to me. […]

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VuHaus Adds Colorado Showcase

Original story posted in: RainNews Date: March 10,2017 Written by: Anna Washenko VuHaus, a public media music video platform, announced a new partnership that will highlight Colorado radio stations. VuHaus has added a VuHaus Colorado page thanks to a collaboration with six public radio stations in the state that are part of the Colorado Music Strategy, a program aimed at increasing revenue for local musicians and music businesses. The stations showcased on the page are: KJAC-FM “The Colorado Sound” in Greeley-Ft. Collins KRCC-FM in Colorado Springs KSJD-FM in Cortez KVNF-FM in Paonia KSUT-FM in Durango KRFC-FM in Ft. Collins “The new Colorado page is unique to VuHaus in three ways,” VuHaus Brand Manager Mike Henry said. “This is the first time multiple stations have created a local page, and this is the first state-wide page. Also, this is the first instance where a local page has been funded by a foundation to promote local music. We look forward to more Colorado public radio stations coming aboard.” View original story on RainNews here. View press release here.

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Radio Research and Polls

Featured in: FMQB Programming To Win Date: March 3, 2017 As a researcher, this past election was fascinating and sobering. We at Paragon have seen first-hand how reaching a random sample has become more and more difficult. A random sample is where everyone has the same chance of being sampled as everyone else.With the proliferation of cell phones and the deluge of telemarketing, the old tried-and-true method of randomly calling telephone numbers became problematic…not to mention expensive. According Larry Gerston, professor emeritus of political science at San Jose State, “It used to be that 1 out of 3 people would answer. Then 1 out of 10,” he said. “Now it’s fewer than that.” New models of reaching households with no listed phone and/or cell phones need to be refined and perfected. My academic background was in political, public opinion research. The beauty (or horror) of public opinion research is that there is a day of reckoning: the election. The infamous “Dewey beats Truman” headline in 1948 had a modern day resurrection this year with the election of Trump. It’s been fascinating to hear the pollsters explain why they called the election wrong. […]

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