Paragon Supports Third Party Review of Voltair

Research Director Inc. claims to have identified Voltair users and tracked their Portable People Meter (PPM) ratings increases. (See story here). According to Research Director Inc., Voltair—in their limited sample—significantly increased PPM ratings. This observation directly contradicts Nielsen’s assertions that Voltair has little if any impact on ratings. What should be done? (more…)

Nielsen Flunks “Let’s Make a Deal”

Nielsen’s webinar on July 21st addressing the Voltair issue was very well done. The lab experiments Nielsen presented establish the ground rules for validly measuring a radio station’s encoded signals in the Portable People Meter (PPM) system. Yet, in the end, Nielsen is playing “Let’s Make a Deal” with radio receiving booby prizes behind all three doors.


Nielsen Addresses Voltair But Big Questions Remain

The Voltair dust up reached a crescendo today as Nielsen rolled out a webinar for subscribing clients. Although this webinar brought us much closer to the promise of reliable measurement with the Portable People Meter (PPM), there are lingering questions that need to be addressed.


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    Test Drive: Public radio app VuHaus offers excellent discovery via mobile video

Test Drive: Public radio app VuHaus offers excellent discovery via mobile video

Original Story posted on July 10, 2015

by Anna Washenko

on Rain News Daily Digest
Public radio is often ambitious in its goals for curating and presenting great music, and the latest project to come out of the organization is a delightful response to recent trends favoring both mobile and video. Several venerable public radio stations have joined forces to power a new mobile app that focuses on recordings of live performances. VuHaus is free for both iOS and Android, and it’s definitely worth a look and a listen.

The videos here are produced by a group of public radio stations, including Seattle’s KEXP, Los Angeles’ KCRW, and Austin’s KUTX. You’ll find performances both in the studios or at other music venues. There’s even a chance to watch live broadcasts if you tune in at the right time.

Thanks to the combined music nerd power of these public radio stations, VuHaus is a great opportunity for music discovery. If you don’t see anything you want in the What’s New section, you can also try out playlists made by people at the public radio teams. These range from Artist of the Week spotlights to a round-up of Bonnaroo performers to city-specific collections. Or tap through the complete list of all artists on the app if there’s somebody particular you’re looking for.

Once you’re in the queue, the music discovery really takes off. When playing a video from the queue, you’ll automatically get recommended songs to follow up with based on the artist you just heard. As many as a dozen songs might get added to the list of what’s up next, giving you lots of opportunities to explore. But if you’ve already set what you want to hear, the app isn’t […]