cre·a·tion: the act of making, inventing, or producing; an original work of art

With an unyielding focus on creating compelling new content and brands, we succeed when our clients succeed…and that happens all the time at Paragon! 

Our entertainment and media clients understand that “content is king.”  They also know firsthand that when Mike Henry and Paragon are involved, the king is wearing clothes.  We are roll-up-the-sleeves, hands-on and battle hardened pros who specialize in creating great content, brands and marketing.  We think the fun starts when the creation begins.

We understand it’s not all fun and games, however, and we work every day knowing that we are totally accountable to audience retention and growth. For decades, our clients’ successes in their unique markets have been our driving motivation.

Paragon’s Mike Henry won a 2012 Peabody Award as executive producer for the public radio series, “Inside the National Recording Registry.” During his career, Mike has helped create or re-launched many entertainment brands, including Sirius Satellite Radio, Country Music Television, Jack FM, VuHaus and many others. Mike was the driving force behind the creation of the NPR News brand.

Mike is a co-founder and Brand Manager for VuHaus, a new video platform from leading public Music Discovery stations including WFUV/New York, KCRW/Los Angeles, KXT/Dallas, WXPN/Philadelphia, KEXP/Seattle, KDHX/St. Louis, opbmusic/Portland, KTBG/Kansas City, KUTX/Austin, Mountain Stage radio show and many more.

Mike Henry is co-founder and Brand Manager of Colorado-based WeedStream.