Talent tweeting from live news events and during their shows.  Mobile websites that are designed for the frame of a cell phone.  Using Facebook as a separate platform to engage audiences during on air programs.  Video, video and more video on the homepage.  Push text notifications and tweeting breaking news. 


These were just some of the practical tools discussed at the panel I was on at the Talk Media Conference & Talk Show Bootcamp Friday in Dallas.  Forward-acting media are providing multimedia content on all platforms to larger and new audiences.  The delivery of News, Talk and Sports content has entered the Jetson’s age.  Like George Jetson on the treadmill, there’s no getting off now.

The other panelists were Harry Tomasides, Cumulus Media’s Regional Digital Media Director, Berkley Wilson, who is Clear Channel’s Director of News/Talk/Sports Digital Programming, and former KFI-AM/Los Angeles PD David Hall, who is now a consultant to News/Talk stations. 


Harry explained how Cumulus is starting to monetize digital audiences, and stressed that operational investments are needed to prop up digital and social media activity.  Berkeley talked about the tools that Clear Channel talk talent have at their disposal, and by the way, how the iHeart Radio app is now open for business to other broadcasters.  David noted the importance of unique content on the website and simple and attainable digital initiatives.


Add this up:  The mobile revolution is only beginning.  The younger generations of news consumers are expert at digital data gathering.  Social media pours massive fuel on radio’s ability to engage audience. 


What that tells me is that we’re about to hit the “hyperspace” button on the old Asteroids video game and no one really knows where we’re going to land.   

NTS photo