di·rec·tion: guidance or supervision of action or conduct; assistance in pointing out the proper route

Our consultants specialize in creating strategic plans that turn into implementation work plans for any entertainment or media platform. 

Whether it’s a new or existing digital platform, a radio station or a program, success is predicated by having a great game plan.  With decades of hands’ on experience building and launching content for hundreds of media and entertainment properties, Mike Henry and Paragon consultants are unrivaled in providing the right direction at the right time. Our clients find success by the adage “Plan the work.  Work the plan.”

Our consulting includes high level strategic and brand management, or tactical direction including content, marketing, social, mobile and digital consulting. We work in any and all phases, including:  research, strategic planning, brand development, marketing, social, multiplatform implementation and ongoing consulting.

In addition to our in-house consultants, we provide a network of best-in-class experts who collaborate with us and you in related areas, including:  relationship marketing, interactive multimedia marketing, social media, audio and video production, mobile app development, membership and fundraising, ratings analysis and more.