in·ter·ac·tive: involving the communication or collaboration of people or things

Paragon has helped lead the digital entertainment revolution for decades…providing critical guidance into new media frontiers.

New technologies create new platforms, where content and true engagement are key to survival.  Paragon was actively on the case when traditional media companies developed the first consumer websites, when cable TV channels had to brand and fulfill hundreds of new channels, when satellite radio was created, when interactive media was in its infancy, and when new solutions were needed for new video streaming services.  Each step of the way, Paragon’s digital media clients have succeeded due to an unyielding focus on the consumer.

Paragon’s experience with interactive media is expansive. The automobile dashboard is just the latest frontier for consumers, and another area where Paragon is a leader in development for clients.

Media and entertainment interactivity is all around us.  Smart speakers, watches and phones, tablets, computers, televisions, radios, automobiles, video game consoles and OTT content itself are interactive, meaning the user is in control.

We are happiest when the consumer is engaged in “media chaos” because that means she can access content or engagement anywhere, anytime, any way she likes. With Paragon’s expertise, our media and entertainment clients engage their customers with the ultimate interactive experience.

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