Social + Mobile + Digital

At Paragon, we specialize in social, mobile and digital media with integrated strategies. We’re also conversant in the transition of all media to the car dashboard and smart speakers.

Social media is a dynamic platform that is essential for organizations to increase brand awareness and have relationships and engagement directly with customers. Regardless of device, mobile media is the present and future of media delivery.  Digital media content is the backbone of both social and mobile communications.

Mike Henry and Paragon’s change agents have mined this space since the transition to digital content and distribution. Our team is expert in developing and implementing social, mobile and digital marketing strategies.  We create unique multi-platform content with multiple destinations, new relationship marketing and revenue strategies. Whichever new media you choose to engage your customers, we can help. Don’t confuse us with fly-by-night social media consultants. Paragon was interactive before interactive was cool.