This year’s Paragon Media Strategies’ study runs contrary to expectations that new media would continue to erode radio Time Spent Listening (TSL).  Radio seems to have turned around many of the negative trends we documented in 2007. 

Radio records positive momentum in 2008.  When we asked if 14-24 year-old respondents were listening to over-the-air radio “More” or “Less” than they had in the past, the listening “More” won out by a healthy margin.  Radio’s momentum had been slightly negative last year.
Youth Radio slide 16

Radio displayed its resilience as the medium of convenience shoring up TSL among young respondents.  There was a notable decline this year among respondents who “Never” listen to radio and among those who listen “Less than an hour during a typical day”.
Youth Radio slide 9

Perhaps radio is escaping its uncool image as respondents warm up to music they like on the radio.  Perhaps the music simply got better.  Whether our study shows a sustained uptrend for radio or a ceasefire in the bombardment new media had delivered to radio TSL among young listeners is yet to be seen.

Detailed results of the complete Second Annual Youth Radio and New Media Study on our website