radio-model-blog-series_sm.jpg“There is never a good time…”

That’s advice that you may have heard from a parent.  It usually meant that you had to tackle some project or assignment that you just really didn’t have the time to tackle.

This is the challenge that is facing radio management teams from coast to coast.

When times were good, it never seemed like you needed to tackle new media, online and NTR efforts.  There were plenty of dollars flying thru the station.  It was easy to set innovation and invention aside.

Today, dollars are tougher than ever to find and resources are challenged, to put it mildly.

So, the time is NOW.

It’s time to evaluate your sales management team.  You need to evaluate your sales team and take stock of what you can do.  Break it down.  What are your strengths and weaknesses in non-traditional areas?  Ed Levine’s Galaxy Communications (with clusters in upstate NY) reported this week that live event revenue accounts for 20% of their total cash flow, and that they billed $600,000 in event revenue across all their markets in June alone.  Certainly, concerts and food/wine/desert festivals are not unique to Galaxy’s markets.  Make sure you are working the basics, just as you do in the traditional spot sales area.  Set digital revenue budgets and insist that the interactive tools you do have are being used to earn new dollars.  Today many stations have the tools they need online to help their clients achieve their goals.  USE THEM.

Bring back brainstorming and innovation.  Challenge your team to make the most of the tools you have.  If you make it a priority, you can make it happen.

The gain may appear minimal now, but when the business climate improves, and it will improve, the innovative efforts you embrace today will have an exponential return with the New Radio Model.

Yeah, I know there is NEVER a good time, but it has never been more important than RIGHT NOW.

Dan Halyburton
President, RadioTime
Member of The Radio Workout Team