change a·gents: an event, organization, material thing or, more usually, a person that acts as a catalyst for change

Paragon is a premier media and entertainment consulting company in North America.

The power of Paragon’s current and past client brands speak volumes:  NPR News, Sony, CMT, ESPN Radio, CBS News, Minnesota Public Radio, Sirius XM, Experience Hendrix and literally thousands of radio station and network brands across the world.

CEO Mike Henry co-founded Paragon in 1988, less than a decade after he started in radio with a big bang at age 19. Initially called Paragon Research, our focus was purely audience research for radio stations and the radio industry.

Since that time, our focus has broadened to encompass all entertainment—including the music industry, television, internet and satellite radio, internet pure play media, video mobile apps and new media technologies—and our services have broadened to a heavier emphasis on hands-on consulting and content creation.  The evolution was completed in 2001 when our name changed to Paragon Media Strategies to best reflect our broader media activities with a focus on consulting.

Mike leads a roster of highly experienced in-house consultants who each serve as change agents for Paragon clients and the industry as a whole.  Each of Paragon’s change agents brings decades of hands-on experience in their fields, and our consulting network adds even more lift when more support is needed.   We love “breaking the vase” and figuring out better designs based on what media consumers actually want and need.  Meet our media and entertainment change agents.


Our Happy Clients…Past and Present